Today we will show you a complete tool review on 5 different brand ratcheting wrenches. Discover all these ratcheting wrenches in action with useful features. We also cover the pros and cons of these wrenches and helps you decide what the best wrench is for you. 

No toolbox anywhere it would be complete without a wrench in it. It is just one of those things you have probably had to use as a mechanic or a DIYer. You will need to get a good one. You need to know clearly how all these wrench sets perform to accomplish various jobs. We are going to check out the top 5 best wrench sets in the market today you can find according to your requirements.

However, every model has its own merits and demerits. They differ in size and action. That’s why you need to be careful before going for it.

From your home to the garage to workshop a perfect ratchet wrench tool can be handy in any situation. Here we vividly present 5 top-notch best ratchet wrench that can be your best assistant whenever or wherever necessary. 

Comparison of Top 5 Best Ratchet Wrench    

Gearwrench 35720 Ratcheting Wrench Set

Gearwrench 35720 Ratcheting Wrench SetKey Features

  • 5 Degree swing arc with 72 teeth
  • Off corner loading
  • Pass through design
  • The open end

The Gearwrench 35720 Ratcheting Wrench Set can add power to your toolbox with perfect performance. This nice set of tools is recommended this to any Maintenance, or mechanic with many years of service. Its ability to get into smaller areas or tight spaces like your car is great. 

For your money, it offers great value with user-friendly action. They prove their durability in every application. The set smartly comes with all of the normally used sizes of wrenches. We also like the lifetime guarantee that comes with the brand. 

These work perfectly on diesel trucks. However, sometimes it may feel you too thick at the base to fit it in places. These ratchet wrenches are well built and very affordable. It will make your life much easier. If you are a shade-tree mechanic you will find them very nice.

These are the toughest wrenches you can own. You can use them every day at work and they will never bend or slip off a nut or bolt. These handy tools work without jamming or skipping. It comes with great value compared to some other well-known brands. 

If you need to use a ratchet wrench all the time to do maintenance on your vehicles and bike it can be an ideal candidate.  It is a durable, well-made wrench but a little pricey. 

This Gearwrench 35 720 model meets or exceeds all your standard torque settings requirements. Also as they chrome-plated so it makes them easy to clean off.

Its Metric, as well as SAE side, works just fine. You can use this great wrench set on your boat, jeep and so on. This is a good starting set to have. Its holders and functionality of the ratcheting portion is also admirable. 


  • Solid material 
  • very durable
  • Good price


  • Not cheap
  • missing the case, or even a bag

ToolGuards 22 Pieces Ratcheting Wrench Set

ToolGuards 22 Pieces Ratcheting Wrench SetKey Features

  • Ratcheting Wrench Set with 22 pcs
  • Box Wrenches Slim Profile
  • Sturdy Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • 11 Metric and 11 SAE Wrenches
  • Bonus Roll Tool

If you need to work on your car all the time this ToolGuards 22 Pieces Ratcheting Wrench Set can be very helpful. The tool is heavy and solid, the ratcheting portion seems thinner than the other ratcheting wrenches so that means this can go into tighter spots than your other tools.

The roll bag carrying case is a nice addition making it easy to see the tool, keep it organized and make it easy to pack. It doesn’t take much space. If you need to do mechanical work on your vehicle you will need smaller sizes. It comes with a thin design with a super smooth finish.

It is even impossible to break. In your garage, it can be a great addition. You can keep it in your truck and don’t need to carry a full toolbox. This set also offers great value. Affordability is another good advantage.

If you need a reliable ratcheting wrench these are a good answer. This ratchet set covers a large range of sizes with a nice polished surface. 

We love this set as it comes with so many options. You will find this tool offers better value than others. This set comes with the most common SAE and Metric sizes all wrapped up in a convenient cloth carrying case making it easy to store and carry. 

They are high-grade chrome plated steel wrenches with ratcheting action. About the Ratcheting teeth spacing, it seems to be standard in terms of degrees of movement. We also like that they are inexpensive enough. You can feel comfortable leaving them in the car as a backup and strong enough to hold up to any job you may need them for. 

Overall the value is well worth it, offering well-manufactured tools at a decent price. They seem very sturdy and the warranty is unbeatable! The slight angle on them keeps you from bashing your knuckles. The ratchet mechanism can work well.

The sizes are marked well. The ratchet direction is also etched on the tool body which is very helpful. The ratcheting box end is tight and detents close. Decent quality is the main character the ToolGuards 22 Pieces Ratcheting Wrench Set. 

This wrench set really allows for a versatility of uses – any size you would need this set comes equipped with. The durability and build of these wrenches are quite nice as well. For anyone who works around the house or is a handyman, this set will be put to good use. It also fits well into those tight spaces.   

The ToolGuards 22 Pieces Ratcheting Wrench Set is a great replacement or to add to your collection. Very good to have around as it fits the most common sizes of nuts and bolts. I highly recommend it if you need just one piece instead of buying a whole new set. All are comfortable to use and seem durable.

If you are a traveling technician to whom weight and compactness are important, this quality set with lightweight can be the best assistant. 

You will like its lifetime warranty, you can’t really go wrong. Great price, very broad size range. They feel great in the hand. The handle makes it handy to carry and job site. These are a must-have for good mechanics.

This wrench is quite small, less than six inches long, perfect for getting into small spaces. It is an 8mm wrench, and it has a ratcheting end that is really helpful. It feels heavy and likes it is well made. 

While this is not going to solve all your wrench needs — you will need to get a set of wrenches for that — this one will work well for that certain size, and you can’t beat it for the price — easy to add this one to your toolset if this is a size you need. These ratcheting wrenches are very handy while attaching nuts onto long bolts in a tight space. 

Instead of having to remove the wrench when space ran out, the ratcheting can keep going and finish the job in no time. These wrenches are perfect when sockets cannot fit or be used. The roll-up bag keeps all the wrenches together in one place and protected from each other. 

The bag also makes for better storage instead of loosely inside a toolbox. The ratchet system allowed you to just make the connection once and with just a little bit of wiggle room, you will be able to remove the bolt.  This model Has all the major size wrenches for working on cars or home projects.


  • Solid tool
  • Durable toolset


  • The case pockets are a bit too tight
  • It would have been nice if it was a hard case

Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench SetKey Features

  • 7.55 lbs weight
  • Metric, inch measurement 

You know they are Craftsman. Even if you put a lot of pressure on the ratcheting side of the wrench you can’t break it, these are sturdy and worth the money. They are durable for heavy mechanical use after years. According to some users, it’s a great ratcheting ends that should last forever if you don’t break bolts or torque down with the ratcheting end.

Torque and brake bolts with the box end. The only negative is there is no flip switch to change the ratcheting direction, you need to flip the wrench over to change ratcheting direction. When you start your project with this ratch model, you will find they Worth every cent and durable for heavy mechanical use.

They work perfectly and have a smooth ratchet action. These ratchet wrenches are well designed and tough. It comes with a standard and metric option with a 20 piece wrench set. It comes with a nice tray for the toolbox. A really nice finish chrome will please you. It is made in China. 

This tool is very solid. From small to big jobs it can work perfectly. However, the plastic pouch that comes with the ratchet wrench feels a little cheap. If you put this under in your toolbox or your tool drawer and use it every day, eventually it may be going to wear out or break.

Overall this wrench set from craftsman can be your good assistant. These craftsman reversible ratcheting combination box wrenches with 15 degrees offset or bend these are actually the only set that was just like standard box wrenches that had the bend. 

Craftsman wrenches built with really nice heavy-duty chrome. Its straight well-sanded box ends every one of these wrenches has is almost perfectly straight box ends. They didn’t put little champers on the opened end.

It does not have any of that kind of rough bulbous grinding which makes wrenches look a bit cheap. It’s another nice thing is it comes with a flush mount switch that is really handy. 

You can use it just about like a normal box wrench. It equipped in a single Paul mechanism. When you are working with fasteners the nice square open ends give you some real positive action or positive retention. 


  • They work very well, especially in tight spaces.
  • Dependable and sturdy wrenches
  • Well made
  • Time saver


  • A little pricey
  • A better case needed

Crescent CX6PT20 Ratchet & Socket Set

Crescent CX6PT20 Ratchet & Socket SetKey Features

  • Pass-thru socket and ratchet option
  • 6 fastener types
  • stronger (40% ) than standard Ratchet
  • 5-degree ratcheting swing ar
  • Thinner than standard ratchets

They are particularly useful for oil changes. You can use the ratchet to break the drain plug loose, and then just spin the knurls by hand, even when there’s oil on it try that with a chrome socket. A lot of serpentine belt tools have the same connector pattern as the ratchet, which might give you more flexibility.

Overall, a good addition to the toolbox for an economy price. Great for getting to those hard places and your getting your money’s worth due to the versatility this tool provides.Especially helpful when removing/tightening a nut from a shaft that has to be held on the end (like a tie rod or stabilizer link).

The SAE and Metric option is handy,  Worked fine when you will hold some fittings while torquing. You will surely like it because it fits in a certain spot a regular wrench cant. This is a must-have for any toolbox that can not beat the brand. For the price ratio, they work excellent. 

No need for a deep well set. It can grip the fasteners extremely well without any trouble. We definitely recommend it as they do come in handy on a lot of projects. Improvement? Well, it would be nice if it offers a blow-molded case. When you open the box First off, they look great. 

Pass-through sockets are some of the best tools you can add to your collection. The sockets in this particular set stay in the ratchet and don’t fall out. This ratchet socket set is very versatile and durable but needs a case. It makes no sense to have a nice socket set stored on an ugly hard plastic tray.

The pass-through design allows you to get another tool on the end of a threaded component or if you need to adjust a nut on a long threaded bolt or shaft that a deep well socket can’t reach. The splined design of the sockets grips nicely.

If you need to try to remove the top bolt from an old front shock you will truly appreciate this socket set. Sockets a bit hard to remove from the handle at first, but they are tough and sizes easily seen thanks to labeling. Really great ratchet. It is really durable and comes with all the sizes you primarily need. 

These sockets are much shallower than standard sockets attached to a square drive. You can use them in much tougher scenarios and they perform very well. This pass-thru ratchet is pretty useful. It can be one of those situational tools that you can use every so often at work. The ratchet can cover a lot of different bolt head types: 12pt, square, hex, etc.

However, some issues it also has. It does not quite hold in place when in use, falling out of the pass-through socket. It isn’t a game-breaker, but it is something worth mentioning. Overall we love it. If you are an electrician you will find this Crescent CX6PT20 Ratchet & Socket Set is perfect for variable uses. 

You can use them for several different things. It works great in tight places where a normal ratchet & socket won’t go. You can use them to tighten the nuts on some eye bolts – the pass-through feature saves a lot of time. 

We would highly recommend a set to any Do It yourself to get some of the toughest jobs have done like remove a seat out of a car so you can work on the interior of the car easier. These Crescent CX6PT20 Ratchet are very handy to have around. You never know when they will be needed. 

It is a decent set. Great for keeping in the car in the event you need a wrench. Works great for working on cars or those tight spaces very tough and grips well. 

These combo wrenches have an innovative ratchet opening an X six design box the ratcheting open in lets you turn nuts and bolts without ever having to take the wrench off the fastener. Even if the fastener is partially damaged the X 6 box and works on six different types of fasteners. So these wrenches are ready for anything. This 20 piece set comes in both SAE and metric sizes.


  • Perfect for plumbers
  • It’s affordable
  • Durable
  • Through-sockets can be handy in some applications
  • versatile set
  • Easy to use
  • well made
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for construction


  • There is no way to use an extension
  • Can’t store it anywhere else because of it’s an odd shape
  • Needs a better carrying case

Apollo Tools DT1212 Ratcheting Wrench Set

Apollo Tools DT1212 Ratcheting Wrench SetKey Features

  • 5 Pc Ratcheting Wrench Set
  • Versatile option

You can put this wrench set tool in your tool bag easily. You will feel its useability while you need to work in tight spots. It’s a real time saver. For this price, it’s one of the best sets you can buy.  They are not expensive brands. However, for normal light-duty use, these things are nice.

They work like any other reliable ratchet and great for battery terminals or anything else that does not require hard torque. We think if you use these for lighter stuff they will last for years. According to some users, its quality seems average. However, its price is quite affordable. You really can’t go wrong. You will love the speed of the ratchet feature. 

These are a lifesaver for several tight places under the hood. For instance, if you are an electrician you can use them daily and they are easy to get into tight places. Just a tad thicker than other ratchets so not ideal for all situations. Don’t break into this tool. It will break. Use open end to loosen, then go ahead and use this tool. 


  • Fit on tight, small spaces, strong, durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Lots of torque
  • Well made
  • Decent quality, very convenient


  • heavy (but that is because they are built for strength & heavy use).

Final Word  

If you want the best ratchet wrench set that can give you service of years then go for industrial use top-quality wrenches. You know its not a wise decision to go for inferior quality in order to save some money. Your hard-earned bucks should not go for a tool if it does not offer versatility, durability, solid materials, firm grip on the fasteners, more precision as well as the confident capacity of constant use. 

We believe among the top 5 available models of the best ratcheting wrench sets offers excellent results we presented here you will be able to choose your desired one. Just make sure it not only clearly meet up your all necessary requirements but also within budget.

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