If you are a DIYer, professional, mechanic you will surely need the best socket wrench. It will enrich your precious tool collection significantly. You know in some cases you may avoid some tool but it’s not on that list. 

Just keep in mind some key factors before selecting the best socket wrench like the gear teeth number, the number of corners or points, handy, durable, SAE and metric sizes, user-friendly grip and so on. 

Here we carefully select 5 best socket wrench that can accomplish your car repairs projects or other home jobs with ease and efficiency. It will help you to work with comfort in tight spaces or odd angles.

Comparison Table of 5 best Socket Wrenches

Stanley STMT71648 Socket Set

Stanley STMT71648 Socket SetKey Features:

  • ANSI specifications Meet or exceed 
  • Anti-corrosion protection due to full polish chrome finish
  • Sturdy carry case
  • Fast release option
  • Thumb-operated reverse-switch mechanism
  • Ergonomically designed ratchet handles
  • Durable, chrome vanadium forged body

This Stanley STMT71648 nice little set is well worth the money. You can store it anywhere. If you don’t have it can be considered as of great at-home tool kit with a nice selection of sockets. 

You can even use it quite often than your expectations. For most of the cars, you need to work on all the tools that are made especially useful. 

It may happen you are not a car mechanic but it can get the job done for your daily overall use. Stanley is a great reputable brand that you can trust as well. We highly recommend this model as a good starter toolset. 

This socket wrench with a sturdy case. It can be a great set for the working man. This affordable standard toolset can be your best assistant.

This product can work great on your European vehicle. For your car, you can go to it as a perfect tool. It also ensures the good value of your money. You can keep it easily in the trunk of your car as a tool kit. This is a great starter kit for anyone and especially people who are starting out on their own. 

Also good as an add on for anyone that wants a good set of sturdy tools at their fingertips. You will find this tool very convenient. Decent quality for your needs. 

It is considered by far one of the best toolsets. It will give you feel good while using a good click. All sockets are in good spots and you will surely like how it’s laid out with the clean organization. 

We also appreciate how the box locks on the left and right and the front in two places. It ensures good security. Some competitors only offer one front latch. 

We also like a woman with small hands who can use those tools with ease. You know if you use cheaply-made tools that can break much too often. 

It comes with its own tool cases and a nice study case to keep everything organized for easy storage. The price is great. This nice quality toolset to keep everything stays in place. Items are a little difficult to remove with dirty gloves. 

However, you can use a screwdriver to snap out your selection. A little annoying at first, but much preferable to parts flying everywhere. You can keep this in your truck toolbox and has come in handy with any mechanical issues or needing tools on the go in general. 

It’s a basic 40 piece socket set made by Stanely. So you can count on it being pretty solid. You can use this to repair your windshield wiper transmission/linkage, Of course, it can be held up well. It can stay in good shape even after a long time. 

This has just about everything you need at an amazing price and the quality is not bad either. The carrying case fits right behind your truck seat, which is nice.


  • Easy storable
  • Useful
  • Affordable standard toolset
  • Decent


  • It can sometimes be difficult popping the smaller sizes out of the plastic molding of the case

DEWALT (DWMT73804) Socket Set

DEWALT (DWMT73804) Socket SetKey Feature

  • 34 piece Socket Set
  • Portable
  • Removable inner tray design
  • Standard height drawers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Direct Torque Technology
  • Knurled Control ring
  • Polished chrome vanadium finish

The DEWALT (DWMT73804) Socket Set is definitely sturdy and worth its value. This is not cheaply made. It is surely a great kit for around the house. It offers all the bits you need for small projects. 

You can go for it as a solid set. You will give compliments on how organized everything looks once you take it out. Besides that this is a set that can keep up with some dirty and tough jobs. You can perform your DIY car repair with this set. 

It can be a bit bulky and awkward to work within tight spaces within the engine bay. This set can also take a beating. It can keep on cranking even if it drops many times. Overall it’s a great tool, worth the price. It comes with a durable box.

You can keep this set in your truck for any on the road repairs. So you can have it everywhere you go. It has everything you need including an adaptor to hook up to a drill. This is a fairly compact tool with great quality. 

We would highly recommend to anyone needing a simple socket set. It also comes with a nice case. Even if you are a home project guy you will surely love this Dewalt model. When you go for this tool it will amaze you with durability at a great price with the lifetime replacement. 

So, you can’t go wrong. If you are a mechanic and wonder what you should go for a socket set then this is the brand we recommend. 

You will not regret choosing this product. It equipped with a good multi-bit screwdriver set. You will find this model with a good collection of useful bit attachments. You will have a good feeling this set will be around for years. 

Keep in mind It’s worth having the whole set just to avoid those times when you can’t screw or unscrew something (or drill or undrilled something). 

This tool is definitely worth the money in time savings. The only gripe is that they didn’t put in a T50 torque bit, kind of a lazy oversight. This tool is good for around the house jobs. 

You will like that they stand upside down in the case so you can take your bolt and simply drop it at the end of each socket if you are not sure of the exact size before you even have to pull it out of the container. 

Also, we like that they are just sitting in their place and not held in tight with plastic on both sides like many other sets, which make them a pain to get out. This is a great deal if you need a socket set. 

We highly recommend it. When you go for the DEWALT (DWMT73804) Socket Set you will find it handy, organized, and ready to get your nuts off.

This Dewalt product for someone that links to tinker with home/auto equipment. It will allow you to keep moving. It ensures no broken sockets and a ratchet that gives good weight and feels solid in your hand. 

The case itself is a standard Dewalt case that should not crack easily. The sockets are well made and durable. 

Going from 3/8″ to 1/4″ all in the same set is another bonus. We recommend grabbing a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch drive tool accessory set (15 pieces) to go along with this as well. That will come in handy more times than you can count. 

You will appreciate its handy multi-bit set. You can use it often around the house and love the variety of bits included. 

Having both of those should get most everything you need to be done as a standard homeowner/auto tinkerer. For those heavy, heavy bolts, grab a 1/2 inch set with a breaker bar. 

We like the fact it has plenty of interchangeable tips and a nice heavy-duty case. This brand is great for apartment living as naturally, you may not have a ton of extra room.

We liked the grip. It is solid but comfortable. Teeth click nicely, staying fairly secure, with minimal movement during quick fastening/unfastening. It is a complete set with no sizes skipped. You will need this to downgrade from deep socket impacts for hand setting nuts. 

Despite having a complete set of sockets the case is small and durable. You will feel relieved knowing that you do not have to buy a bunch of cheap seats to cobble together what you need as it would burden you with unnecessary tool redundancy and wasted space trying to manage numerous bulky cases. 

This tool comes with Standard and metric socket sizes. These Largely etched sockets are is easily recognizable and readable. The case is strong enough to hang on the wall. 

Its 72 tooth ratchet mechanism allows tightening/loosening using a shorter distance, especially useful in tight spaces with minimal room to move the handle. 

The Socket insertion requires the press of the release button to completely insert onto the ratchet head, thus preventing the socket from loosening off the head during the job.


  • High-quality finish
  • Well made
  • Solid tools
  • Affordable 
  • Decent price
  • Handy
  • Durable, perfect for car repair
  • Strong


  • Extension too short for accessing bolts in tight spaces

Sunex 3342 Impact Socket Set

Sunex 3342 Impact Socket SetKey Feature

  • Includes SAE sizes
  • Standard and deep lengths
  • Universal joint with extensions
  • Radius corner design
  • Heavy-duty storage case
  • CR-MO alloy steel socket
  • Made with chamfered openings
  • Marked by both laser etching and roll stamping
  • ANSI standard
  • Lifetime warranty with sun express

The Sunex 3342 Impact Socket Set comes with thicker walls. The case is just an excellent way to organize the sockets. This is considered a practical and effective toolset for hobbies or pro. 

You don’t need to spend big bucks and still can get the job done. These are nice sockets. You can use them daily on the farm. 

We think most mechanics Would consider them acceptable. We love the case and it is holding up well. It is one of the most important components of the set as we often grab and go to the field. 

We think it offers good value for the money. You will find every bit as good as other manufacturers.

These are by far the best sockets to get a guy. You can use them every day. It will never crack a single. They hold up just fine. The tool looks good with compact size. They seem made with good material. 

However, the swivel may have been better. It will give you relief like a good value for a set that has the most needed sizes.

It includes a sturdy case to keep them organized by size. You will find it works great even after several uses with an impact wrench. It never snapped even with stubborn bolts. This is a pretty good set for the price. The case is very strong better than other competitors that’s for sure.  

The socket set appears to be of good quality. Note that these are not chrome plated. The tow weighs in on durability. For doing light work on the truck (alternator, water pumps, spark plugs, etc.) it has everything you need in a nice package. 

It comes with a very nice case. You will find it super convenient to carry around. Easy to get the sockets out. Easy to find what you need. Overall it is a great set. We definitely recommend this tool, especially for electric or pneumatic ratchets. 

This tool can be a reliable assistant for a small auto shop. You can use this durable product on VW/Audi cars. They work fantastic with good fitment. If you need to repair a gate you can use them as they will work well. 

According to a heavy equipment mechanic in the mining industry, these Sunex sockets hold up very well. We really like the dual size indicators. It is also inexpensive.  So when you lose one it’s not the end of the world. 

You can use this socket wrench every day in damp work areas, not a speck of corrosion and the case can hold together very well for over a year. This product seems sturdy. These are very well made set of impact sockets at a great price. 

There are a lot of tool snobs in this business that feels if you don’t pay the tool truck prices, you are not getting quality tools. Well, It’s just simply not true. These are every bit as good as any so you ever used. It’s fit well, durable and half the price of most other brands.


  • Excellent product for the money
  • Solid tools
  • Good value better quality
  • DIY or professional approved


  • The swivel may have been better

EPAuto Torx Bit Socket Set

EPAuto Torx Bit Socket SetKey Feature

  • Strong Chrome Vanadium alloy steel
  • Chrome Plated & Mirror Polished ensure Corrosion-Resistant
  • Easy Storage
  • Torx Bit Socket Set
  • Steel material

The EPAuto Torx Bit Socket Set comes with quality. These are constructed very handful. They offer the best price around. It will fit great and can do the job. One user uses this tool on his Honda Truck for cover installation over the truck bed. 

Result? fit the Torx screwes (T30 and T50) perfectly. Its another plus point is it can easily work with a common socket driver. We like that the case easily holds the bits. It can work well on removing seat belts on your truck. 

They just work and do not break under pressure. This nice item has all the Torx bits you need for various projects. We particularly like that it comes in a box, so they can keep organized. Despite the low price, the composition is rich. 

It never creates any problems with the bits. This fit socket wrench is very good for the price. We also like a good assortment of sizes. The sockets are heavy and well made. It can even absorb pretty hard torque with its T45 kit on your Wrangler seats. The socket will not break. 

We liked everything about these Torx bits. You can use them to unbolt seats in a Ford f-150. The workmanship and durability as the top of the line. We highly recommend this product. Even if you are an advanced do-it-your-self the quality should be great for the amount that you will use them. 

Anyone should get good value from the set as they seem extremely sturdy with a nice case. Snug fit on the sockets and closes well. 

You can keep this in your Jeep or truck as a set of Torx sockets. They fit properly and the case is great to store them as well. It is much stronger than a cheaper set. It seems well made.


  • Good value for the money
  • Nice case 
  • quality bits
  • This product is well made
  • durable
  • handy case


  • The toolbox doesn’t hold the sockets tightly so they fall out easily

TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket SetKey Feature

  • Variable Socket sizes
  • Shallow and deep lengths
  • Universal joint with extensions
  • High-torque
  • 6-point design
  • Preventing round off option
  • Easy operation with 5 degrees swing
  • Finely geared 72-tooth ratchet
  • Premium chrome vanadium steel material
  • Mirror chrome-plated finish
  • Compact storage case

The TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set is considered the best toolsets on the market for anywhere in the price range. This tool is well made and has everything you need. The 72 tooth rachet feels decent for the price and the breaker bar seems decent too. The ratchet is not the size of most high end 3/8 ratchets this is a decent size but wish it was longer. 

The kit offers everything we expected. It may happen you do not use 1/2 inch sockets all that often, but on the big jobs like a front end rebuild you need a good complete nice set. This tool with the warranty is very good and the products themselves are very organized in their little case.

You can not beat it in terms of value for what you pay. It will allow you to use it along with the 3/8 th set and the 1/2 inch set as well for a couple of years. 

This is a complete 1/2 in drive set. the case is hardened plastic and appears to be of high quality. Inside, each socket is labeled with standard size on one side and deep sockets on the other. 

We just wish it was less expensive. You will find it nice build quality and the case has readable sockets sizes imprinted. You can buy it for your truck in case of emergencies, but the case is large.

This is your go-to set at home. Using this socket wrench you can do a lot of automotive work. This is a good ratchet, good sockets look and feel good. 

This set is far better than pretty much any store brand offers. This took kit is very robust. Either way, a great toolset for the DIY’er with more sockets than the competition for quite a bit less. 

We impressed at the quality mirror-like finish of these tools. No missing sizes. Ratchet has a beautiful chrome release button and functions smoothly. 

The detent ball on the end of the extensions snap firmly onto the sockets and hold on strong. A closer look at the surface finish, there is no pitting or orange peel texture like on some cheaper brand sockets. 

The chrome finish is consistent with the entire set meaning there were no slight variations in appearance where some sockets might appear duller than others. 

Having owned a set of snap-on tools the finish is comparable. The key to avoiding breakage with any tool is using proper technique. Always break loose the fastener using a breaker bar and then remove using a ratchet. 

We think many people try to break things loose using a ratchet, and then wonder why it breaks. If you use the right tool for the job, it will last for many years. 

Even snap-on tools break from time to time so remember depending on how extreme the job is. Do not automatically blame the tool, all things have limits. If you repair cars for a living this may not be for you. It will allow you to do your own basic car work like starters, shocks, axles, spark plugs. 

No other brand can beat this well made handy tools set. It fits nuts and bolts very well. You can use it every day. No rust, and no breaks. Having no skipped sizes in the socket The set is fantastic. 

No matter what most tool manufacturers think, you will inevitably need the size that didn’t come with your kit. For the price, you just can’t beat it. I definitely recommend for your heavy DIYer.

The hard mold case keeps it organized and quick to point out anything left behind. We also recommend the 3/8 drive set and the 1/2 drive set. The warranty seems very easy to use if needed. 

This solid socket set feels good in the hand. So happy all the sockets are 6 points. Fitment is pretty darn good and the finish on the sockets is awesome. 

While the ratchet has always been a little quirky it’s always done its job and then a lot more then it was ever designed for. We love this kit for the sockets but the mechanism in the ratchet needs improvement. It’s a solid set to keep in your truck which demands both SAE and Metric sizes.


  • Strong and sturdy 
  • Easy to use
  • Handy and versatile
  • Good kit for the price
  • No skipping sizes
  • A good toolset for on-site repairs
  • Well made
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The product could use a handle
  • The ratchet head does not snap in the socket and stay there


The best socket wrench can be your best assistant for a variety of automotive jobs from home to your shop to work site. Choose carefully and consider all of their features before going for a final decision. Eventually, you will be able to get your desired best socket wrench tool model.

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